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Multi-camera shooting
Multicamera sequence ?
Multicam: simultaneously record a scene

Multiple cameras can take different shots of a live situation, for example:

  • cam1: capture the overall action;
  • cam2: medium shot;
  • cam3: close up on each item.


Ceramist Anne Schreck, lives in France at Gallargues-le-Montueux

Shooting condition

Softlights. Cardioide mics and 2 cams: HC-X1000 and D7100 for the deep of field. - e-learning -
GoPro and HC-X920. Internal 5.1 mic. LED lights (or IR if necessary). - running - crossfit - trekking -
3 cams with 3 lights. Omni and uni directional microphones. - danse - gym - fitness - bodybuilding
HC-X1000 ou HC-X920 (smaller). Omni and unidirectional mics. LED light. - ceremony - event -